Right to Work


I would like to comment on the editorials and comments concerning the state of Michigan passing a Right To Work law. Those who editorialize for the local media are of the opinion that this law gives workers the freedom of choice. The choice being whether or not they wish to join a union that is representing workers at the place of employment.

Governors that have Right To Work Laws enacted in their states claim that now unions cannot force anyone to join them and pay dues. The last time I checked the Labor Laws and the National Labor Relations Act there were very few closed shops in any industry. You can work in most industries without belonging to a union. The prospective employee is required to pay a service fee to the local union which enables them to enjoy the fruits of collective bargaining the union negotiated.

Union negotiators do not bargain for individuals but rather for jobs, as well as wages, hours and working conditions. They also stress that Safety Compliance be part of any contract. The more jobs they negotiate the more people that are hired, and yes, the more dues they collect. That is known among Corporate America simply as the cost of Doing Business.

Those hired under the Right To Work Laws are freeloaders collecting something they have not paid for but feel that they are Entitled to enjoy. I suggest that when an individual is hired, and they choose not to join a union, that they negotiate their own wages, hours and working conditions. I am sure a grateful employer will accept their every suggestion.

I believe in everyone having the “right” to work wherever they choose. Yet now unions are being forced by laws to protect individuals who are not part of their membership. Union Representatives have to file grievances and safety complaints on behalf of Freeloaders. Those employed under Right To Work Laws appear to have it all and they are not contributing a dime to the process. That is no worse than the people collecting welfare that the governors in Right To Work states complain about.

Frank Papini