Safety Cameras


We’re pleased Martins Ferry is considering the installation of life-saving traffic safety cameras (“Martins Ferry officials considering installing ‘gotcha cameras,'” 12/5).

Speeding is a dangerous behavior, killing more than 10,000 Americans each year. Nationwide, speed is a contributing factor in nearly one-third of all traffic deaths. Ten years ago, our daughter Sarah was killed by a speeding driver. Since then, it has become our mission to advocate for safety initiatives that reduce crashes and prevent needless deaths.

Speed safety cameras have been proven to reduce speeding and make roads safer. In Garfield Heights, Ohio speed safety cameras led to a 63% reduction in speeding over 10mph above posted speed limits.

In Portland, Oregon speed safety cameras posted in school zones reduced average speeds by 8-9mph. In Chattanooga, Tennessee speed cameras led to an 87% reduction in speeding and a 64% reduction in injury and fatal crashes.

Drivers who speed are not only breaking the law, but also putting lives at risk.

We are pleased Martins Ferry officials are taking action to make roads safer.


Paul and Sue Oberhauser

National Co-Chairs, Traffic Safety Coalition