School Shooting

Dear Editor,

As I try to process in my heart and mind what has happened this morning of December 13th, I sigh with heavy sadness at what is becoming a norm in society.

I wonder if the young man who killed all those children looked into the mirror before he did this foul deed and hestitated.

We talk of mental states and enviroment until we are blue in the face but I wonder if anyone ever talked to this young man about good and evil, about salvation or sin.

I believe there is more to life than just us. There is a God who gave us a choice about our decisions. He gave it to the angels as well. He didn’t make us into robots. He gave us free will. He wanted us to love Him and to love each other.

This young man never got it. He had a choice and he made the wrong one and in doing so has condemned himself to an afterlife that is without hope, love, or joy… but lots of pain and regret.

This is not God’s fault. He wants to be loved for who is. No one is forced to love him. Yet He demonstrated the greatest love of all by dying for our sins. His only requirement is to recognize that and accept the free gift of forgiveness of sin and making Him Lord and Saviour.

How many others are out there like this young man. Sadly, I believe there are many. No hope, no love for others, just hate and misery and as each generation comes into this earth without Jesus…it will get worse.

Randy Marple

  • Shadyside