School Tragedies

Dear Editor,

I sit here tonight, 12/14/12, watching the horrific news from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This is even worse than Columbine County in the number of innocent young children who were brutally murdered.

The evening news showed several churches in Newtown having special memorial services. People packed into these churches. I have a great idea that seems like such a no-brainer. Everyone in American turns to God when these types of events occur. Why do we not put God back in our schools? Christians have had to take a back seat to the civil liberty people. I ask why? Just like everyone asks “why: when a school shooting takes place.

It makes no sense that the majority of people pray when something like this happens, but we cannot pray in school.

One atheist, Madalyn O’Hara, started the ball rolling in the he 1960’s to take God out of school then government offices all over America. America was founded based on religion. How did we let this happen to our country?

‘It is a disgrace! I do not know if letting God return to school is going to prevent these tragedies, but it sure could not hurt anything.


Drew L. Brown

Martins Ferry