Hurricane Sandy Pork

To the Editor,

Here are some facts that the citizens should know.

Included in the proposed federal bill for Hurricane Sandy victims:

1. $2 million to roof repair damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington, DC.

2. $36 million to Amtrak-related expenses.

3. $8 million to buy new cars for federal agencies.

4. $150 million for fisheries in Mississippi and Alaska.

5. $4 million for repairs at the Kennedy Space Center.

What the Hell does this have to do with people that lost everything during Hurricane Sandy?

Check it out yourself. This is true.

How long do we as taxpaying citizens have to put up with these gerrymandering phony politicians we put into office to protect and care for the citizens of the United States?

Finally will we hear in the near future that the politicians gave themselves a pay raise in January?

We will not, but it will probably happen.

Remember in four years what these people are doing to us.

A lot of the problems have to be with the lobbyists who are getting a lot of money and promising politicians something in return for voting for their actions.

Phil Wallace

Martins Ferry