People First

Dear Editor,

The members of the Belmont County chapter of People First of Ohio would like to thank all those who supported our Spaghetti Dinner on Nov. 17, 2012.

Thank you to all those who donated or helped in any way including: Belco Works Board members, Wal-Mart, St Clairsville; Total Sports Connection, DeFelice Bros. Pizza, St. Clairsville; Valley Grove Engraving (Marti Starkey), Connie and Larry Patton, Sherri Marlin, Ginger Kinsel, Lloyd McManus, Donna Weaver, Deluxe Novelty, Linda Schuster, Lowe’s, Wheeling; Tomorrow’s Corner, DiCarlo’s Pizza, Morristown (Nate King); Convenient, Flushing; Mary DePalma, Beth Andes, Moms and Pops Catering, Pamela McCort, Mychal Egri and family; and the ARC members.

We appreciate everyone who came to the dinner and got to know more about the organization.

Patrick Jobb

Martins Ferry