Dear Editor,

Today as I watch the news, I am afraid. I am not afraid of gun control as so many around me, but of the steadfast move by many state governments to disenfranchise the majority of voters. Virginia is in the lead with Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania standing in line to use or redefine Congressional districts to nullify the majority of voters. By moving the majority of voters into one or two districts and spreading the rest of the voters in districts throughout the state, control of state government is in the hands of just a few residents. The states listed above have begun to look at ways to carry this disproportionate representation into national elections. These steps to disenfranchise voters are NOT being done by the President or even by the liberal Democrats, but by Republican state governments. We, citizens of the United States, take for granted that our representatives will work for us. They are working for something but not necessarily for the people.

As governments go, ours is young and fragile. When we allow elected officials to undermine the very fiber of democracy, equal representation, we are not being stewards of our young precious country. We must pay attention for our apathy can destroy our future.

Martha Starkey