Bulldogs Praised

Dear Editor:

The Bridgeport School District’s administration is a class act; in particular, Superintendent Ted Downing, Principal Rob Zitzelsberger and Athletic Director Doug Tush.

Recently, Shadyside girls’ basketball player Karli Bonar set a new Ohio record for three-point goals in a career. That feat came during a game against Bridgeport on the Bulldogs’ home court. Immediately upon the record being set, the Bridgeport administrators stopped the game. Mr. Zitzelsberger announced the record to the crowd and presented Karli with the game ball. In addition to the administrators’ gracious act, the Bridgeport fans, equally classy, joined in a standing ovation in recognition of Karli’s achievement.

T rue sportsmanship was on full display that evening and the Bridgeport School District set a wonderful example for others to follow. Thank you.

Gregg Warren