Dear Editor:

I am deeply conflicted about the use of drones to kill people “we think” are imminently ready to attack us.

First, I must say I am a pacifist, I hope we don’t ever have to kill anyone.

But I am not naive, I know there are evil monsters and fiends in the world.

In the past hundred years alone we have witnessed Hitler, Stalin, and Mao collectively cause the violent deaths of over 100 million people. In fact the twentieth century has been a bloodier time than all the rest of combined time of history.

When we have used an army to protect our “National security” such as in Vietnam or Iraq Hundreds of thousands of people, mostly innocents, have been killed. Three million Vietnamese were killed and two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqis. We also lost over fifty-eight thousand in Vietnam and over five thousand in Iraq.

When instead of boots on the ground, we have used drones to get the evil plotters only several thousand have died.

So we have to conclude that drones kill far far less people than do standing armies.

If we believe we must protect our National security against imminent threat, and while I am deeply conflicted about killing anyone, than please judiciously use the drones.

Bill Bryant

St. Clairsville