Dear Editor

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have been wrong before (please do not tell my children-I have them convinced otherwise.)

I was under the impression that the state of Ohio passed a law that if it was raining and you had your wipers on, you were to also turn on your headlights. There are several people who ignore this.

I promise you people you will not get a separate bill from AEP if you turn the lights on.

It will not change your gas mileage either. This is not done for you to see better but for the rest of us to see you. This also applies to foggy days and when it is getting dark. And yes, I have seen some black and whites that did not adhere to this when it was raining. I think all cars should be equipped with auto lights when they are started.

I remember when the seat belt law was put in-you had so long to get your car equipped with a seat belt. At least in Illinois that was how the law was.

Please people turn on your headlights.

Connie Brant

Martins Ferry