No Budget

Dear Editor,

The Constitution says that President Obama has to have a budget turned in no earlier than the first Monday of January and no later than first Monday of February.

Here we are at the fifth first Monday of February and again, no budget. Where is our President, back out on the campaign trail on gun control. Can someone please let him know he won the election and can get rid of his campaign team.

Almost seems like he is just distracting people into forgetting the real problems this country has right now. Maybe it is he doesn’t have a clue how to fix what he has done and not the leadership ability to bring people together to remedy it. Clinton was a leader of men and women, he could work with the other side on a give and take basis and get something done. Obama is not a leader.

A leader, when something goes wrong is not on tv blaming the other side for things he is responsible for. It comes out, no growth in economy last quarter. So what’s our great leader’s response, he, along with his cronies get on tv first thing in the morning and blame the other side.

No matter who’s fault it is, a real leader does not operate successfully like that and never will.

Chris Brown

Powhatan Point