RV Park

Dear Editor,

The idea of an RV park for out-of-state workers sounds good. The residents will have close access to business establishments, retail stores and the like.

However: Has the city given any thought to restrictions?


The number of vehicles that can be parked on each resident’s lot.

Will they be permitted to park junk vehicles and other non-operable equipment on the property?

Will there be restrictions about working on your car? (Cars sitting for weeks or months on jack stands with, oil cans and tools scattered throughout the area).

Think hard. The city has never fully enforced zoning laws and this could add to the problem if rules are not laid out in advance.

William J. Patsche

St. Clairsville

RV Park

MARTINS FERRY continues to realize progress.

The Purple City has experienced much growth and business development in the past year. Now another ice reflection of the renaissance is taking shape in the form of a recreational vehicle park.

The new project offers a two-fold benefit. First, it is a venture unique to the city while also making positive use of a site formerly laying dormant after the closing of Scheele Produce on First and Center streets in the Industrial Park.

Mansuetto Roofing Contractors will be the developers of the RV park. Mansuetto will raze two structures currently on the property, level it and gravel the property.

That will set the state for making way for 22-25 full hook-up RV sites. A security fence will surround the park. Each customer site would have its own utility hookup with water, sewer and electric.

Propane access and free WiFi service will also be available. Security cameras will also be installed.

The site is ideal, as it sits just blocks away from Ohio 7 as well as close to the downtown business district. It is an ideal match with the influx of out-of-the-area gas and oil industry workers, many of whom live in such vehicles.

The new RV park will bring a more scenic look to the area while also attracting new money to Martins Ferry. Both are good things.

Martins Ferry City Council gave its blessing to the project. and why not? It is just another indication that Ferry is aggressively moving forward.