Close-up Program

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Mrs. Stephanie Mendelson from Bridgeport High School for all her efforts in making the Close-Up trip for 11 juniors and seniors at Bridgeport High School a reality. The week long educational experience in Washington D.C. for high school students all over the country is a wonderful program and has been around since the early 1970’s. Actually, I think, it started the year I graduated from high school.

It is truly a fund-raising experience, but Mrs. Mendelson made it all possible with her countless hours of contacting businesses, individuals, friends, non-profit organizations and everyone else she could think of.

A “Thank You”

… to all the parents that worked so hard to raise the funds, along with the businesses, organizations, and individuals that donated money and time for this fund-raising project.

A “Special Thank You” to the following:

… to the person who donated the Close-Up sweatshirts and to The Honorable Congressman bill Johnson and his staff for their hospitality to the students.

… to the Bridgeport Teachers and Administration for allowing the students to participate in this week long event by arranging their schedules and allowing them to catch up on their work.

I hope this program continues for future students and I urge the young people to participate in this program.

Again, I thank Mrs. Mendelson, for your dedication and touching the lives of these students.

Shirleann Murad

Parent of a Close-Up Student