Rayland Government

Dear Editor,

Hold on a Minute! Your article, “Rayland government in good hands” has some serious flaws. We, the undersigned, were all present at the Rayland Council meeting when a taxpaying citizen of Rayland was assaulted by a councilwoman and another citizen was verbally threatened. One of us is the victim of the assault and the rest of us are witnesses. We all filed police reports with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, we cannot go into details until we see what happens with the Prosecutor’s Office. None of us were contacted by your newspaper during your “investigation.”

How anyone can come to the conclusion that Rayland is in good financial shape is beyond comprehension. During your “investigation,” did you actually go to the city building and look at the books? The only ones who have any idea of what is happening financially in Rayland are the citizens who attend the council meetings. Your newspaper does not report in detail. In fact, reporters from your newspaper never come to the council meetings.

Did you know that the State of Ohio was going to turn the Village of Rayland into a collection agency for an unpaid bill of $135? Why did a light fee have to be implemented if Rayland was in good shape?

As an example: Rayland financial skills in October 2011 a $24,000 CD was cashed in in order to pay bills. Five minutes later, council went into executive session and gave the village administrator a raise with a emergency ordinance.

Enclosed is a copy of some penalties and interest, late payment charges, late filing fees and interest late filing penalties. And financial filing penalties paid to the Internal Revenue Service and the Auditor of State, some dating back to 2004.

What was the finance committee of the council doing during their finance committee meetings?? Why did this happen??

Also enclosed is a copy of a letter from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office about obtaining public records and misuse of public funds. Before this letter from the Attorney General’s Office no one was allowed to see public records in the Village of Rayland.

Going to a council meeting is not a crime, but is a right. In Rayland Council meetings, citizens are made to feel unwelcome. By the way, the chairs for the citizens are still missing. Channel 9 came after one meeting and did a story about the chairs, but never followed up. There are now three folding chairs in place for the public and some citizens have to sit on the floor or stand in order to attend meetings!!!

Concerned Citizens of Rayland

Joe Zoc, Andrea Jenkins, Dave Sabo and Chuck Sudvary