Seizure Alert?Dog

Dear Editor,

Elliana Balder is only one, but already is quite experienced in the medical field. She has made numerous out patient lab and ER visits, rode in an ambulance, has stayed numerous days at Akron Children’s Hospital and most recently became a patient at Cleveland Clinic. Elliana, the daughter of Jeremy and Christa Balder of Scio, has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Her seizures can occur mostly at night and when she is falling asleep.

It was suggested to the family at Akron Children’s Hospital to get a seizure alert dog to alert the family of an upcoming seizure. This allows them to be with the child and get the child to safety before the seizure occurs.

Researchers have found that the body gives off a certain scent from the chemical changes occurring prior to and during a seizure. The dogs are trained to detect it this and in their own way to go get help for that child.

Elliana has been approved thru 4 Paws For Ability to receive a Seizure Alert Service Dog. The rescue dogs are carefully selected for each family after a study of the child’s case.

They are then trained over a 9-month period. The cost of training each of the dogs is over $22,000. Each family is asked to raise at least $13,000 thru donations.

You can read Elliana’s complete story on the website: under How to Help … Make a dream come true.

Lydia McCluskey