Seventh DUI

Dear Editor,

Well, Belmont County, I would just love to hear your excuses for this one.

What kind of judges do we have in this county anyway? I have always given you all credit for being at least half way fair and decent, but letting this man off this many times is not being fair to the residents of Belmont County or any other county as you have been putting their lives in jeopardy.

Is that what you are waiting for?

Let’s see now, I don’t think that would even make any difference, because, yes, he would still get off with a slap of the wrist. Why? I guess if you have the right name and money to buy your way out, that’s all it takes. That needs to STOP.

I would love to see the laws on DUI for Ohio. Yes, they need changed badly, as I think we really have no laws. I want to know at what point does a DUI become a FELONY? Does he have to kill someone first? Let’s see now, maybe if it just happens to be someone in your family (you Judges). Is that what it is going to take?

Face it, no one knows who it might be. He needs to lose his license for a lifetime, and NO, do not give it to him for purposes of going to work because we all know he will abuse that too.

Then send him off to prison for 5-10 years. It will take that long to get him sobered up.

Obviously, he knows not to drive drunk in West Virginia because they would have locked him up after number three.

That’s right, three strikes and your out in West Virginia, and that is the way it should be. He would be off for 1-3 in prison after his third offense.

Gov. Kasich, I hope you would get off the school funding that is not a fair plan anyway and get on with a NEW DUI Law for the State of Ohio. We really do need it.

To whatever judge will be handling this case, and whatever Prosecutor, Yes, Chris Berhalter, I hope it is you, and maybe we’ll get some action.

Please take this man off the highway and LOCK him up, and yes, throw away the key. He better hope he never kills anyone in my family.

Nancy Wilson