Bellaire Schools


I was an outsider to the Bellaire School District my entire life until eight years ago. My oldest son now in the seventh grade, middle son in the fifth grade, and my youngest in pre-school at the elementary. I married a Bellaire girl. The debate was where do we send our kids. To Shadyside where I’m from or Bellaire. I lost that and I am so grateful because its been the best experience.

Over the last three years like the rest of the economy, educational budgets have taken a downward spiral. They’re are probably not enough fingers to point at of whose to blame of their short comings. Past or present. But I am amazed after six failed attempts that this is still still about the children. All the bad mouthing and finger pointing that i see occur never comes from folks who are involved. The details of the levy are seldom accurate among the public gossiping, probably because they’re not at the meetings. Who are we showing or hurting — the superintendent, the school board, the teachers or our children. If this levy fails again, no our schools won’t shut down. They’ll try to trim more fat if possible. They’ll continue to pay their debts. We just won’t bring back music, phys-ed, and advanced courses. They’ll try to repair the buses and boilers. Manage with the same out dated computers. No new technology for the information age. I ask you not to be selfish but selfless. Ask your kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren what they want. The current and future students of Bellaire deserve this. They’re worth a heck of a lot more than approximately $20 a month.

Keith Rejonis