Bridgeport Levy

Dear Editor,

On May 7, the residents of the Bridgeport School District will be voting on a 1 mill additional levy. This levy is supposing to be for a security guard. The federal government has already stated that there will be money available for school security. If this levy passes and the government makes money available to the school, it will be able to spend the levy money any way they want to (even for pay raises).

This is a list of the Bridgeport School District levies that we are still paying for: 11-05-68 continuing 2.00 mill, Renewal; 5-06-69 continuing 5.95 mill, Additional; 5-04-71 continuing 2.95 mill, Renewal; 5-02-72 continuing 7.90 mill, Renewal; 11-04-75 continuing 1.50 mill, Renewal; 11-02-76 continuing 3.00 mill, Additional; 11-02-93 continuing 2.00 mill, Renewal; 11-07-95 continuing 5.75 mill, Additional; 5-04-10 5 yr. 6.00 mill, 2014;

3-2-04 (Bond issue $3,997.000.00) 3.71 mill 2030

3-2-04 (Bond issue $2,000,000.00) 1.86 mill 2030

3-2-04 (Bond issue $ 100,000.00) 0.1 mill 2030

It is time we the VOTERS say “NO” to these levies.

Richard Gould