Dear Editor

I am a member of the National Imperial Glass Collectors’ Society (NIGCS). The goodwill and outstanding reputation the NIGCS has built up over decades is being damaged. Membership at 550 members is down over 50% in the last ten years and down 50+ members in just the last eighteen months. The organization is incurring unsustainable yearly operating losses and is now cannibalizing their endowment account as well. The current toxic atmosphere within the organization has caused several key members to withdraw their support and attracting new “replacements” for critical positions has become exceedingly problematic. The primary reasons for this situation are the conduct of the organization’s president and an NIGCS board that seeks only to preserve the status quo and refuses to address any issues relating to her, in any manner.

I think the following best defines the character of the current NIGCS President and Board.

In honor of my then 92 year-old mother, of my deceased father (an Ohio educator for 70 years; retiring at age 95 and honored by the Ohio Senate) and of my sister who was murdered in 2003 (also an Ohio educator of handicapped children and a member of the Barnesville school board), our family donated art glass items (family heirlooms) to the NIGCS Museum with the proviso that a placard honoring them be placed with these items in the Museum. Although agreed to, it was never done and all requests that the items be returned so that they can be donated elsewhere (Barnesville Museum) have been totally ignored. I am at a loss to adequately describe this conduct. The only words that come to mind are contemptible and shameless.