Mayor praised

Dear Editor,

In our village of Bellaire, there are a few good-hearted individuals who go above and beyond to care for the concerns and welfare of our community as Vince DiFabrizio, our mayor. Not only does he exceed his responsibilities as a mayor, but he also goes a step further by being an active participant in repairing and improving the image of our community. You can always find him proving himself to be a hard worker, generously giving his time to work on village repairs even after a physically tiring day at his own workplace and even on his days off.

However, he is much more than just a hardworker. He is also a loving, family man. I was awestruck when I saw how well he patiently interacted with some children from his family and was warmed by the look of love in his eyes while enjoying time fishing with them at our community docks. Many members of the community hold him close to their hearts as a loyal friend whose help comes without judgment and of pure intention. Among the befriended members of our community, the Miller family residing in Bellaire truly appreciated and praises Vince for his loyalty, respect, and concern for their needs. John Miller, a physically limited quadriplegic, knows that if he ever needs anything, he can unquestionably rely on Vince to be just a phone call away.

Vince DiFabrizio, a loving family man and friend can be truly described as a hard-working, generous, amicable, individual who should be recognized for his selflessness towards our community as a whole. I, as I am sure many others, Thank him.

Linda Valachovic