No Accountability

Dear Editor,

If an individual continually spends 50 percent more year after year than they take in, the end result as anyone with a third grade education knows, is disastrous.

Yet, this is exactly what liberal Democrats have done under this President and that’s what they propose to do for at least the next 10 years under the first budget guidelines that the Senate has come up with since this Anti- Constitutional President has been in office. As a matter of fact, the Senate is required by law to provide a budget proposal yearly, yet hadn’t done so until threatened with no pay by the House until they had complied. No budget proposal, no accountability. This, in a nutshell, is the story of the Obama Administration – since day one – No Accountability. Democrats say that we don’t have a spending problem, that we just don’t tax enough. In the first Senate budget proposal in four years, they propose one-trillion dollars in additional taxes. The ironic part of it all is that Senators and others in Washington consider themselves to be a cut above their constituents and expect us to look up to them. Were it not for Republican control of the House of Representatives, which controls the purse strings and therefore their pay checks, this Senate still wouldn’t have even passed a budget proposal. When we, as individuals, don’t comply with the law do the authorities turn their heads? Try not paying your taxes and see what happens. Is it any wonder that Congress is held in such low regard. The main program with Washington policies is that there is too much time lapse between passage of their policies and the pain that is felt by the majority of Americans.

By the time people react to these “twilight zone” policies, the damage is 10 times worse than it should be. With very few exceptions, it is this way with nearly everything (Social Security, Healthcare, Immigration, Taxes, Unemployment, etc.) Once again, liberal policies and spending by both parties has brought us to this critical point in time. Liberals think that as long as the mainstream news media covers for them they can get away with government expansion, more taxes, and spending into infinity.

Liberals are the minority and until conservatives get involved en masse things will only get worse. Put it another way, if someone knocked on your door and dictated that “you will adhere to the laws that liberals dictate,” most people would give them a lesson on the Second Amendment. How many people are going to have to lose their jobs (or suffer reductions in their work hours), feel the pain of much higher insurance premiums (or pay a penalty), or die for lack of medical attention, among other negatives of the Obama Care, before Americans wake-up. Make no mistake, it will, and already has, come to pass. If we don’t change this radical liberal leadership at the ballot box, God forbid, it will end up being done at the point of a gun. Radical Democrat liberals would love to eliminate personal gun ownership (you can hardly find ammunition now) and thus turn this country into a police state. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” – John F. Kennedy.

Guns are the people’s insurance policy against a narrow minded, dictatorial regime like we now have in place is Washington. This country has a cancer and it is the liberal Democratic Party and mainstream news media that promote it. Anyone naive enough to think otherwise needs to get back on the turnip truck. And anyone who thinks that what happened in Cyprus can’t happen here, needs to look at the hidden tax increases included in ObamaCare. If Democrats get control of the House of Representatives our worst nightmare will come to pass.

Roy E. Schnegg