No Lights


I am writing about The Night The Lights Went Out In Pease Township. What a “crock”! It is a shame that we in the township have to suffer the hardship of having no street lights operating. This is a situation that is both dangerous and ludicrous.

I happen to be driving along the National Road when I noticed the children waiting on their school busses completely hidden from both traffic and possible predators by the darkened street lights. This along with wondering when a car will take the big turn, before the school to sharp and not notice a legally parked car suddenly in its path.

I believe our trustees have done everything they could to stretch their budget dollars. They, like the voters who turned down the levy for lighting, are spent out. There is a rumor making the rounds that if individuals get together and pay American Electric fifteen dollars a month the electric company will turn on a street light in proximity to those paying. I say let Governor Kasich pay the bill!

Columbus is playing roulette with our tax dollars and lives. It has been reported that the Governor has amassed a two “billion” dollar fund to be used, according to him, for a “rainy day” He needs to get his head out his other end and realize it is pouring “rain” here. We in Eastern Ohio are sitting atop one of the most valuable assets in the the country with the Marcellus Shale reserve under our feet. This will guarantee abundant gas and oil for the state and country for a long time, yet we have to scrape our pennies together and reap no benefit from this vast resource. You would think with all the industries sprouting in the area related to the industry that we could at least have the money to keep the street lights lit.

Monroe Township in Bradford County, Pennsylvania recently saw a 50% drop in property taxes due to a surplus of money that was generated in part from fees imposed on gas companies drilling new well sites. According to TalkBack 16 Online, this amounted to $271,000 to be used as they saw fit. I don’t see why Belmont, Jefferson and Monroe Counties could not have such prosperity from the gas and oil industry. The tax dollars the industry generates goes directly to Columbus where they are hoarded and distributed to each county in the state equally. Columbus and the other “big” cities would be adverse to sharing equally their revenue with us so why shouldn’t we reciprocate in the same manner? We need a larger part of the tax money generated by these industries to stay in Eastern Ohio; not in some “rainy day” fund managed by the governor and his cronies from Wall Street.

The governor seems to forget the lessons taught in Civics class that Government is: For The People – By The People. The way things are run in Columbus it appears that Government is: For the Governor – By the Governor. The politicians and lobbyist think we work for them, but it should be the other way around. We the people need to take back government. We should demand that the governor release money to restore our street lights. That “rainy day fund” is our money not his!

Frank Papini