St.C. levies

Dear Editor

While the ballot May 7 for St. Clairsville contains only two issues, both the Memorial Park levy and the St Clairsville School levy command attention and the time needed to cast a vote. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the Secure St C. Schools Committee, and presently have a son and daughter who attend the high school as freshman. The benefits bestowed on the community from an educated and engaged youth are truly immeasurable.

In respect to the Memorial Park levy, such an invaluable resource should not be cast aside lightly. On a single afternoon alone in April, a quick visual survey of the park yielded preschoolers occupying the swings while the high school tennis team held practice and the junior varsity baseball team hosted an opponent.

Two families had a picnic at a table in the midst of spring playground chaos and numerous individuals, including myself, were getting in serious hill work walking or running. Imagine the number of people who will use the park as the weather improves.

Please, strongly consider supporting Memorial Park’s operating levy for the good of the community.

Regarding the St Clairsville School levy, the myriad of enriching opportunities my kids have been exposed to began in elementary school with the multi age classroom; traversed through middle school with Destination Imagination, Spelling Bees and musicals and presently stretches to advanced classes, athletic participation year round and the vocal arts.

All these programs exist that students may endeavor to excel in the classroom, on the stage or in their sporting venue. Offsetting state budget cuts via the levy is imperative to continue offering quality educational programming.

Please, allow this community’s students to surpass even their own expectations by securing school standards through the operating levy.

Every single vote matters, so please take time now to request a ballot from the Board of Elections or plan your day to vote May 7. The youth of your community thanks you.

Andrea “Dre” Ketter

St Clairsville