Switzerland of Ohio


I am writing to let our voters know that our school district is not in this financial shape because of it being poorly run. It is in this dire shape because of our governor. Gov. Kasich has already cut $1.8 billion from our public schools. His new budget proposal will hand back $4.3 billion in new income tax cuts but most of us won’t see any of this money. It will be given back to the wealthiest people in Ohio. All over Ohio the regular middle class will be put in the same situation that we are in our district – we have to make up this deficit by an increase in our property tax. Gov. Kasich’s plan on the surface looks like he is giving $1.2 billion back to schools but he is giving most of this money to private schools and more to the voucher program.

We have been in our new Powhatan Elementary building now for about a month. It is even more beautiful than any of us could imagine. I used to carry buckets of water to my classroom for art and science. Now we have an art room with 2 large sinks that have 2 faucets each. Cleaning up is a breeze and the children can wash their hands in no time at all. We finally have a science lab where children can work 4 at each table and clean up is so easy (even when the experiments involve messy eggs). Little things like these give us more time for learning.

Switzerland of Ohio School District finally has (or are going to be coming soon) wonderful, up to date schools. Wouldn’t it be awful to have to close even one of these wonderful buildings? PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN just because we have a governor who doesn’t care about us. PLEASE VOTE “YES” FOR THE SCHOOL LEVY!


Pattie Meyer

Grade 3 Teacher

Powhatan Elementary