Charlie Wilson

Dear Editor,

Allow me to speak briefly on the life and service of a dear friend and mentor I had in Congressman Charlie Wilson. I did not have the honor or privilege to know Congressman Wilson for a long period of time, but in the short time that I knew him, he proved himself to be an honest and good man. In politics, those traits are few and far between. The Congressman not only had said traits, but excelled at them. Regardless of political party, no one can argue that Charlie did not stand-up, both for what he believed in, and for the people of his district, whether that be at the state or federal level. As a constituent, it meant a great deal to me to be able to walk up to Charlie and be addressed as “Conor” and not “Sir.” That personal connection was the type of relationship Charlie tried to have with his constituents. He treated his constituents like friends, and his friends like family. In life there are only a small group of people who have the chance to be a profound influence on you. Charlie was one such influence on me. If I were to ever enter into politics I would hope to have just half of the compassion, respect, and willpower that Congressman Wilson embodied. He was a good Congressman and a great friend, and I am glad to see that he is finally at peace, though he will be missed greatly. So on behalf of all the Young Democrats of Belmont County, and with gratitude from constituents all over the 6th Congressional, allow me to say thank you, Charlie, for your service and friendship. You will be missed.


Conor T. Craig

President-Belmont County Young Democrats