Ferry Lions Club

Dear Editor and Residential,

Thanks to a wonderful group of men and women of the Martins Ferry Lions Club who recently spent their entire Saturday volunteering to paint the inside of the Mackey Community Center. Also, thank you to neighbor, Jeremy Shrodes, for his help in preparing the project. Their efforts made a great difference in the appearance of our center and we deeply appreciate it.

The Mackey Community Center is still working organization in the northern sector of Martins Ferry. The following events are still held: weekly Bingo, annual picnics, kids Halloween and Christmas parties.

Thanks again to the following participants:

Abbey Bennett, Chuck Bennett, Chuckie Bennett, Patty Bennett, Mary Beth Burkhart, Skip Donahue, Bobbi Howard, Jim Howard, Joe Lovell, Bruce Maguire, Mike Masters, Mike Miklas, Renee Miklas, Bruce Shrodes, Bill Tolbert, Connie Yeso, Mike Yeso and Phil Yocum.


The Mackey

Community Association

Velma Applegarth