Michele K.?Sommer


I just read the article on Michele K. Sommer this morning. I have to say I am touched. I want to say “Congratulations Michele!” What an amazing accomplishment. But most of all I want to say to thank you to her middle school art teacher Debbie Kiester. Your comment on her art work gave her the opportunity to gain confidence to believe she is worthy and good at something.Its teachers like both of these women who encourage children to learn and believe in their dreams.

All to often children slip through without any encouragement at all. What I took from this article is that there are teachers out there who strive everyday to find one good thing everyday about each and every student they teach daily. This is an amazing and rare quality that I feel every educator should possess. Sometimes this is all children need is to know that there is one person each day who notices the good in them.

I hope that more teachers examine themselves and decide if this is one of the qualities they have and decide if they should continue being a teacher. Children are the future of our great nation and it takes an entire community to raise them. All children are worthy of an education and the respect of being a human being regardless of their background or behavior. Most of the time when children make a mistake or a bad decision teachers will label them as a behavior problem or a trouble maker. This is simply not ok. Take the time to listen and be there for them. You just might be the only one listening. Education is not only reading, writing, and arithmetic its learning to live life. I am extremely proud to be a member of the Ohio Valley and that Michele has represented our little part of the world as a great place to grow up.

Finally, to Keith and Carol Sommer, thank you for raising this amazing woman and allowing her to follow her dreams. Without dreams children would not succeed!


Beth Petrosino

Rayland, Ohio