Dear Editor,

“OBAMA vs. NRA” on the gun control debate, after the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected broader federal background checks and bans on popular semi-automatic rifles, cleverly titled – “assault weapons” – President Obama said, “I see this as just round one.”

The President, all but acknowledged that he will be seeking a knockout punch in the next round regardless, gun control backers, be-fuddles about what it will take to push gun legislation through Congress – declared round one as a victory for the NRA and a defeat for Obama.

Obama’s own Justice Department admits that gun control proposals will not reduce violence. If you “follow the guns”, Operation Fast and Furious – not lax gun laws – allowed weapons to reach Mexico, as a matter of fact, the “war on guns” started within weeks of Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, when the Obama Administration began fasely claiming that more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico came from the United States.

Their intent was to drum up support for the Clinton-era assault weapons ban, a misnamed and failed law that resulted in more of the banned weapons being purchased than ever before.The next round in the flight – the old rules have been thrown out the window.

Undoubtedly, without legislative support, Obama will attempt to implement his policies through executive or administrative maneuvers. Gun owners could be “outgunned” with just a simple stroke of his pen.”

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville