Dear Editor:

In response to some of the words written by a council woman in the village of Bellaire, Ohio I thought I should make a public statement.

My name is Dan Brown and I like the gazebo in the Bellaire Memorial Park.

I would like to begin this letter to the editor with a quote from the state inspector with the Division of Industrial Compliance (given to me at my request for public information)

“Yes you need a C of O to utilize.” and

“Full permit issued 5.30.2013 no inspections requested at this point.”

What this means is this. ANY structure built in the state of Ohio of a commercial use has to have a Certificate of Occupancy before use. This is a rule of law. This is not a choice to make, this is a rule of law. I must follow it. You must follow it. Especially a municipal entity must follow it. That is the law when building a commercial or public use structure of any kind.

The state of Ohio issued a notice of violation for using this structure without the proper inspections, paperwork and/or certificate of occupancy in regards to this structure built in the Bellaire Memorial Park.

I am in complete agreement with the state on this matter. Proper inspections keep the public safe. Especially electrical inspections. These are the rules when you build a commercial or public structure. And those rules were not followed by the people who built this structure.

I do not care who built it. I do not care who paid for it. I do not care who is involved with this project. Here are the facts of this case, and I have yet to have anyone dispute them to me (including but not limited to the State of Ohio, Fire Chief, Council, Mayor).

1.) There was never a vote on council floor to allow the construction of a structure in the park in the 1st place.

2.) There was a concrete slab poured without permit or inspection.

3.) There was electric installed without permit or inspection.

4.) When the permit was filed (on the 30th) the structure was already built.

5.) After building the structure, there was no state inspection.

6.) After building the structure, there was no fire inspection.

7.) The building was wired by a volunteer who does not have the correct state mandated electric license to wire up a structure of this type. And if they allowed this wiring, there was no inspection done before the public was able to use this item.

I welcome a response to this by council or by the council woman who has accused me of trying to stop the gazebo (as well as a host of other untrue posts and statements in regards to my position on the matter).

“Proper inspections save lives” and that was told to me directly from a state inspector, and it is very true. Electric lines are dangerous and have to be inspected BEFORE they are covered up. That is the law people, I did not make it but I support it.

My name is Dan Brown, and I will enjoy the Gazebo when it is properly inspected by the State of Ohio for the safety of myself, you and your children and families.

Dan Brown