Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the letter to the editor, titled “Moral Decay,” published in the Sunday issue of the Times Leader. I was deeply dismayed at the writer’s blatant display of hate, bigotry, and homophobia, and am astonished that such an irrational person would ever be allowed to hold public office.

In his letter, he claims our state of moral decay, which he defines as higher divorce rates, terrorist attacks, and homosexuality, is happening because we have turned our backs on God, who does not tolerate sin. This assertion boils down to nothing more than primitive tribal superstition that I would expect from someone living in a mud-hut in 10,000 B.C. I would like to take a moment to point out the fallacious nature of the writer’s assertions, because, just as God does not tolerate sin, I do not tolerate stupidity. Let’s begin!

The writer’s most egregious claim was that God has been trying to “get through to us” via the employ of 9/11, hurricanes, mass shootings, and yes, even our failing economy. That must be an example of his god’s unconditional love that I hear so much about- God loves you unconditionally, but if you sin, he’s going to send terrorists to crash planes into a building and burn you alive with jet-fuel. And people wonder why I left Christianity I doubt our God-fearing friend would have the stones to say such things in the presence of anyone who actually lost loved ones to those disasters. You should be ashamed of yourself, sir.

The writer liberally throws around the word ‘Homosexuality’ as an act clearly defined in the Bible as sin, something not to be tolerated, yet he conveniently ignores other precepts set forth in Leviticus, such as the command against wearing clothing of mixed fabrics. I find it disturbing that many would regard his injunction against the LGBT community as justified, yet, if he were to espouse we begin stoning people who wear spandex, people would respond in outrage. I’ll also point out that God frowns upon eating meat with blood still in it, shaving your beard, and the seeking of omens. Wait, hasn’t the writer done all of these things? How do you like your steak?

Finally, I would like to remind my pious counter-part that our country was founded upon the Constitution, not a book written by desert-faring nomads with an unhealthy fear of cotton-polyester blends. What you are suggesting is that we convert our Democracy into a Theocracy.

The last time Christianity did that, they plummeted Mankind into a thousand-year period of depression known as The Dark Ages, something the Founding Fathers were painfully aware of when they incorporated Separation of Church and State into our foundational document. What you perceive as “moral decay,” casual sex, ignoring of scripture, gays running around looking fabulous, is really society rebelling against a system, your system, of religious oppression. You know what I say to that? Let freedom ring.

JD Mihopulos