MF High Athletic HOF

Dear Editor,

I would like to compliment Martins Ferry City School District Superintendent, Dirk Fitch, and all those who have contributed to the recently announced formulation of the Martins Ferry High School Athletic (Sports) Hall of Fame.

Martins Ferry High School has enjoyed a long and very impressive history in the field of athletic competition, that very few can match, with many exceptional athletes, coaches and other significant individuals who have contributed greatly to the Purple Riders’ sports legend.

It will be wonderful to now see Martins Ferry’s sports heroes honored in such a special and most deserving manner.

In addition, I also applaud committee members for their encouragement of the involvement of the citizens/fans through their participation in the nomination process, making such an even more community endeavor.

Although there is much work ahead, I feel that such will be a labor motivated by a great deal of respect and admiration for all those who are to be considered for such a high honor.

Kudos to all who are helping make such a wonderful concept into a reality.

Thank you.


Richard Hord

Martins Ferry