Reconsider Pielech

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to read of John Rowan’s resignation from the Belmont County Department of Jobs and Family Services, after only serving for 48 hours.

While I am not privy to the details of the same, I respect his decision but my disappointment focuses solely on how it affects the individuals who are well-served under the Agency’s umbrella.

The Department serves and helps children and the elderly and a lot of needy people who fall between the first two groups and its success rests on an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable leader.

During the past year, while I have heard a lot of political bantering, my only concern is that the agency has a director who can lead an excellent group of employees as they serve their client base. After all, it is solely the DJFS clients who are most important in this equation and our leaders must solely focus on this and no other agendas. Therefore, I have a simple, effective and well-thought out resolution for the Belmont County Commissioners: go immediately to Dwayne Pielech, ask him to sit down with the board and find a way to have him reconsider his impending departure from the agency.

Dwayne was hired immediately before I was elected to one of Belmont County’s commission seats and during my 8 year tenure and beyond, lead the agency to new heights.

His impeccable knowledge of health and human services cannot be matched by anyone in the local area and I personally experienced how effective and efficient the agency ran under his leadership.

Regardless of whatever differences there may be between the board and Mr. Pielech, if any, the commissioners have the duty to hire the most qualified and experienced candidate and that man is Mr. Pielech.

He, in my opinion, is the one person that the board can appoint to run the agency without the need for direct, daily supervision.

The agency ran very smoothly during the years the prior boards were in office and the only thing that has changed were dramatic fiscal cuts from the federal and state governments.

I suggest that any and all political and personal differences between all be immediately put aside solely for the benefit of all of the agency’s clients, employees and to the taxpayers of Belmont County.

Mark A. Thomas

St. Clairsville