Dear Editor,

It was a fantasy dream come true.

Lights, D.J., sit down catered dinner with beautiful dresses and tuxedos and wonderful staff. At the end of an elegant evening one of our male persons was crowned King. He was so very excited and even enjoyed dancing. We are so very proud of our Wiley Group Home family, managers and our friends out in the community who made it all very special.

To help make this event, a dream come true with special thanks: Ideal Weddings (Brandon, owner); Amuets, Pleasant City, Ohio; (Missy, owner; Dave, 1st vice and Tommie, Commander); Hanks Place (Randy and Cathy); Steve and Donna Fortunato; Captina Carry-Out (Randy and Deb, owners); Interstate Batteries; Vern’s Tires, (Vern Allen, owner); Picks Night Club (Sophia, owner); Rip (Sophia Special Lady); Classic Tanning Salon, (Julie, owner); Barnesville Florist, (Blossoms); Darkside Leather, (John, owners): Holly’s Dress Boutique (Holly, owner).

A very special THANKS goes to each and everyone of you.


Wiley Group Home