Affordable Care

Dear Editor,

After reading Dr. Terry Wallace’s article in Sunday’s paper “World War”, I would ask just one question. What has maintaining our present coal fired power plants and constructing new coal fired power plants, even if the power industries don’t want them, have to do with our economy, especially as it pertains to American jobs? As the gentleman must know we import, for instance, 97% of all our wearing apparel, 100% of all electronics, most of our steel, in essence, almost everything we buy, thanks to corporate America, led by the United States Chamber of Commerce abetted by the corporatists in the “central government” that the good doctor derides.

Then we have the almost daily attack on the Affordable Care Act by the Times Leader’s hit men, U. S. Rep. Republican, Bob Gibbs, and Ohio State Rep. Republican, Andy Thompson, with their rendition of the perils of Obamacare as the gentlemen like to refer to the Affordable Care Act. But they never tell us why a colonoscopy in the U.S. averages $1,185, in Switzerland it is $655, according to a New York Times report. An angiogram in the U.S. averages $914, in Canada it is $35. The same bottle of Lipitor that costs $124 in the U. S. is $6 in New Zealand.

One question for our two public servants. If the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is so ineffectual why have so many Republican congressman, including Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, requested health care funds from the Affordable Care Act for their home districts, while Gibbs and Thompson pimp for the medical-industrial complex to protect its gusher revenues?

Gene Campbell