Bellaire Levy

Dear Editor,

School levy, again?

Well, the thought of a school levy is being proposed for the seventh time. They tried to slip it past in the May election, but was defeated by a small margin at a small turnout. Remember, there will be a larger turnout in the Nov election.

During the last time around a lady wrote in a letter to the editor, “while picking up the mail for the levy committee she found a letter from an alumni person, not living in Bellaire, concerning the levy. I assumed she lived outside of the Ohio Valley. The lady pointed out to me that the alumni did indeed live in the Ohio Valley, but lives in St. Clairsville. I believe that this person would not be taxed in St. Clairsville for a levy in Bellaire.

I then placed a letter to the editor, stating some of the things I believe keep people from voting for the levy, (the cost of everyday necessities going up, electric, gas, food, etc.).

The lady then sent me a personal letter informing me that I, based on my property tax level, could afford to pay for the levy. She found this out by and I quote, “I learned this from public records as anyone can do so please don’t think I did something underhanded by looking up your information.”

Underhanded it may not have been, however, I consider it an invasion of privacy. I felt like I was back in Vietnam, with someone outside the perimeter always looking in.

She stated in her letter to the editor, “they had heard every excuse imaginable, but unless you come to me and say, I just can’t or don’t want to pay the money, I am not willing to accept any of them.”

Well lady, I will not vote to pay someone’s debts off. I have my own bills to pay.

In addition, if you are an example of the type of person on the committee, I will never vote for the levy again, as I have in the past.

Wayne Amos