Bellaire Schools

Dear Editor,

I would like to point out something with the Bellaire City Schools. This information can be found by running power user reports on the state education web site. In 2007-2008 school year the enrollment was 1,396 students, funding was $10,856 per student. In 2009-2010 year it was 1,355 students, funding per student was $10,953. In 2011-2012 enrollment was 1,234 students the funding was $11,934.

So Mr. Scott if enrollment is going down, and funding per student is going up why do we need a levy? Why when the state foresees no debit starting in 2014 onward in accordance with the latest state financial report for the school district. What are you planing to spend money on to place us in new debit? When the past debit is paid off where is that money, that was being used to pay off the past debit going to be spent since now it is freed up money.

According to the state last state financial report it will happen in 2013-2014 school year. Why when property tax revenues going up and the school system receiving money from the casinos are we being asked to pay more? These are some of the questions I have with regards to you asking me for more of my money. And I feel if you are going to ask us for our money you should answer them fully. Also what are the plans if this does not pass? What are the long term plans for the school district?

So far all i can see is has been for the last four years and still is your plan to ask for a levy. This has not worked. What alternative plans have you made, to date I can see none?

Raymond C. Penyak II