Black Horse Inn


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step, and it is that first step that is so significant. The journey to restore the Black Horse Inn at Morristown began with a most important first step – the decision by the inn’s owners, Robin and Robert Thomas, to offer the Black Horse to the Morristown Historic Preservation Association at a significantly reduced price. This decision enabled us to see the possibility of a restored 19th century National Road inn within the heart of Morristown.

The Thomases understand the value of the Black Horse to all of us – Morristown, Belmont County, and the state of Ohio. Their stewardship of the inn is the reason it still stands today and their decision to support MHPA cannot be overstated.

While the Thomases have remained in the background during efforts to raise the funds to buy it, they deserve a tremendous amount of recognition and credit. They gave us the support and contribution we needed to start the journey we are now on and we are so grateful.

We will restore the Black Horse Inn, one of the few National Road inns and taverns still standing because of the Thomases. Robin and Robert want to see positive things happen in their community and they are willing, and have done, something about it.

Morristown Historic Preservation Association