Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago at our D.A.V. Saturday night bingo, a couple came in to play. We treated them with respect as we do with all players. As the evening went on, the lady went up to our food counter and asked for a cup of coffee. She was “appalled” because she was charged 40 cents for a cup of coffee. She said everywhere else she goes, coffee is free. She also started to complain that our food prices were too high, the bingo cards are too expensive, the payouts are not big enough, and continuously complained that it was “too hot in here.” Before she left, she handed one of our workers a sheet of paper with all of these complaints. She let it be known that she was “very dissatisfied with out bingo. Lady, we know without a doubt that you were “Sent One” (someone sent in to purposely complain about everything). The fact that you came prepared with a sheet of paper and a pen proves it. Know this lady, we have a very dedicated Auxiliary that cares about our Veterans in the Pittsburgh hospital. Every dollar that comes in that door is shared between the hospitals. The money is used for their entertainment, such as taking them to Pittsburgh Pirates home baseball games, taking them fishing, or by having bingo games and treats for the veterans that are unable to do these other outings. We cannot nor will we ever forget my 20 year old brother who willingly went off to serve his country for the likes of people like you, and never came back.

So, “Lady Sent One,” don’t come in here showing disrespect for our disabled veterans by downgrading our organization. You are not going to destroy what our Auxiliary is so lovingly doing for them. We love and appreciate each and every veterans that was dedicated to protect us at all costs and served in the service of our country. You obviously are not dedicated nor do you care one way or another. Remember, Free Country, Free to come and go as you please.

You might not be enjoying this Freedom if it wasn’t for the sacrifices made by these veterans. God Bless You.

I, and all members, of Chapter 117, remain dedicated to our brave veterans who are suffering in hospitals and to the veterans who never came back. Dedicated Forever With A Loving Heart.

Elsie Bizzari Adj.

Chapter 117

Bellaire, Ohio