New Event

Dear Editor,

Second Amendment tramplers are frowned upon by the N.R.A. – because of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s role in the “gun control smokescreen” – gun manufacturer Beretta – has decided to take West Virginia out of the loop as a site for future expansion.

Manchin has also tangled with the National Rifle Association.

Both Manchin and the NRA have launched dueling TV ads as he seeks additional support for the failed back-ground check proposal, in the on-going “gun control debacle.”

Prior to Beretta turning down West Virginia … this past winter, promoters of Pennsylvania’s huge Eastern Sport and Outdoor Show announced a ban on modern sporting rifles because of the then – recent Newtown, school massacre.

As a result of the exhibition band – there was a massive boycott of the show by scores of vendors so overwhelming the show had to be canceled.

The show’s old prompter, a gun-control-minded British Corporation, is out. – but there will be a new show called the Great American Outdoor Show.

Want to guess who is running the new show? – You guessed it, the National Rifle Association.

Clearly the NRA didn’t empty the gun stores or close down the sports show – but with a strongly pro-gun and pro-hunting organization at the helm, its a victory for sportsmen all over the country. – to cap it all off: a politically correct corporation has been taken off the block and replaced by one with a commitment to “stand and fight.”

Robert Johnson

St. Clairsville