The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is good news for Ohio small businesses and their workers. Small employers support policies that maximize their ability to attract and retain quality workers and help them grow.

Laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act that require small employers to treat some employees differently introduce inefficiencies that cut into profits and undermine their bottom lines.

Small Business Majority’s scientific opinion polling found seven in 10 Ohio entrepreneurs believe provisions of DOMA that required employers to treat married same-sex couples as unmarried for benefit and payroll purposes hurt small firms.

The vast majority believes Ohio should have a law protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination in the workplace. In fact, most small business owners in the state thought such laws already existed.

Implementing non-discrimination laws that allow employers to treat all people equally will help Ohio small businesses retain quality employees and free them from extra administrative burdens.

It’s time for Congress to build upon the high court’s ruling by passing workplace protections for all workers. It’s the smart, and right, thing to do for small businesses, their employees and our country.

Mary Huttlinger, Ohio Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority