I, and I am sure millions of other people are tired of hearing about this case, and we all know what is going to happen when the innocent verdict comes in. And we also know where to place the blame for making this a case of race instead of just relying on the facts.

Why did president Obama or Eric Holder even get involved in the first place and put so much pressure on local enforcement to arrest and prosecute George Zimmerman? Why did Rep. Frederica Wilson [Dem. from Florida] get on the news and say Trayvon was hunted down like a dog and shot in the street, that he was racially profiled? I know that members of Congress are immune from prosecution for anything they say on the floor, but on the news may be a different story.

If allowed George Zimmerman should be able to sue her for liable as well as other things and own everything she has accrued from being a politician! Maybe that would teach her to stay out of things she has no business in!

First, anyone who has firearms training knows that you never unholster your weapon unless necessary, but you should always be aware of your situation and react as needed, if George Zimmerman had been tracking him down like a dog as stated, Trayvon Martin would have been stopped before he ever had a chance to lay a hand on Zimmerman, which tells everyone that he was jumped and the altercation was started by Trayvon, which leads to self defense end of story! Thank you.

Dwain Knight Flushing

PS: I would like to thank the member of the Democratic National Committee for the tissues they put in my mailbox, You could have just brought them to the door!!!