Gun Ban

Dear Editor,

American the anti-gun groups across America are raising money hand-over-fist. We have never faced this much opposition to our freedoms.

This is the single most important midterm election in the history of our freedom and we face a HUGE THREAT.

The gun ban lobby is blatantly trying to buy Congress so they can force their gun control agenda on law-abiding gun owners like you and me.

They know that if they can elect just a handful of anti-gun Senators and a couple dozen House members … there will be nothing to stop Barack Obama from dismantling the Second Amendment with impunity.

We … would … lose … EVERYTHING!

We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and watch gun ban groups outpace us in this all important race toward next year’s congressional elections.

We can’t allow Bloomberg to launch attack after attack at our congressional allies and expect to hold our slim pro-gun advantage in the Senate … or maintain our pro-freedom firewall in the House.

We can’t allow gun ban politicians to rise to powerful leadership positions in Congress, all because we were sitting idle while our gun ban opponents were out fighting.

RIGHT NOW … there are 16 Anti-gun Legislations before Congress waiting to be acted on. If we don’t stand up and be heard and fight for the Senators and House members who are fighting for our gun-rights now, there will be no second chance.

P.S. Remember a LIE travels half way around the world before TRUTH gets her boots on. Find out the TRUTH and it will set you FREE.


Please contact NRA-PVF, 11250 Waples Mill Rd., Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (

Senators: Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown – Rep. Bill Johnson

Wilma M. West

Jerusalem, Ohio