Dear Editor,

This letter is written to address a very important subject which impacts the middle and lower classes.

The subject is the Affordable Care Act i:e: Obama Care. The 47M Americans without healthcare coverage, was the reason the act was passed so the 47M would have coverage. The act is being attacked by those who have health care coverage for selfish reasons, they do not want you to have coverage.

I have insurance but recently by my doctor leaving the area, I was forced to seek ER care for a health condition, and let me tell you, it does not afford you the care that a personal physician affords you. The election 2014 is rapidly approaching. You must take the time to really consider which ideology really cares about your health care, the one who wants you to believe they have a better plan, which is a bold face lie. Their record on all things regarding the middle and lower classes uncovers this lie.

Health care affordability effects everyone regardless of political views. We are the only nation which spends the most on health care, compared to other countries of the world and have 47M citizens with no health care.

Think hard about your vote in 2014 regardless of your political ideology, ask yourself, “Is my representative really interested in health for me?’, then vote accordingly for the one who has your health care in mind not the one who does not care about your health care.

How can bringing more patients into the health care industry eliminate jobs? The increase in patients creates jobs not eliminate them.

How do you pay for necessary needs in your household within your budget? You eliminate unnecessary or frills. Maybe our elected officials should consider this type of fiscal policy and eliminate things that are not needed.


Alfred Tellitocci