Lost Respect

Dear Editor,

My husband and I attended the funeral of Robert Abel on Monday, July 8.

The internment was at the Union Cemetery at St. Clairsville.

We were absolutely appalled at the lack of respect from one of the owners of the houses directly across from the cemetery on North Market Street.

It wasn’t like there is a funeral in that little section of the cemetery every day of the week.

It couldn’t have been that you didn’t see the funeral tent, the Honor Guard or the 25 or 30 cars that were lined up in the cemetery or the 50 or more people there for the graveside service.

It couldn’t have been that you didn’t see one of the funeral directors motion to you, please turn off the mower for just a few minutes.

Because of your lack of respect for the living and the dead; the family and friends could not hear the comforting words of the priest. even more appalling was the mower continually running during the Honor Guard ceremony and the presenting of the flag to the widow.

Instead of running the lawn mower you should have paused it for the 10 or 15 minutes of the ceremony out of respect for all the veterans who have served, so that you might have the freedoms you enjoy each day.

If any of your ancestors were veterans they would be ashamed of your lack of respect.

Sue Bumgardner