Martins Ferry

Dear Editor,

What is happening to Martins Ferry? It seems our city is divided, those who still care about Martins Ferry and demonstrate this passion through Senior Services, Lions Club, Leo’s, Chambers, and Civics. Then, those who are could care less. These citizens do not support local business, contribute no time to helping, are slum lords, and drug dealers. City officials and Police are doing everything to improve Martins Ferry daily. Unfortunately, these “concerned citizens” expect more from them. They expect things to be taken care of by others and spend their time complaining when things do happen. They show no respect or appreciation to those who contribute.

I still believe in this town! I still believe in a Martins Ferry where you use to walk down the streets and say “Good Morning” to the strangers who passed. I miss sidewalk sales, penny candy, and the Martins Ferry band marching down on Friday nights. The world is a different place, but that does not mean Martins Ferry can’t be the exception. Our country was built upon small towns and the kindness and courteousness of the locals. Let’s welcome those who have moved, encourage those who are looking to move, and respect those that are still here by showing Martins Ferry charm.

I challenge the citizens of Martins Ferry to taking some Purple Rider Pride and Take back our town!

1. I encourage homeowners and businesses to fix up the exterior of their homes and businesses. Go buy a can of paint from our 2 hardware stores. If you can’t afford paint, then just pick up the junk that remains in your front yard and porch. Pick up a piece of trash, pull your weeds. Have some pride in our town.

2. Spend your money with the local businesses. We are so fortunate to have a flower shop, Shutlers grocery store, an amazing meat distributor, Jacobs. We have the largest and oldest toy store in the country, Deluxe Novelty, Sports Connection, a ladies clothing boutique, Fashion Manor, Redman’s BINGO and so many more. By shopping locally, the money stays in the city and can go to improvements, to the school and community. When you spend your money online, Walmart or the Highlands, remember that they are not doing anything in return for our town, but the local businesses do.

3. I would like to challenge the property owners of vacant homes and empty buildings to clean them up, tear them down or sell them to someone who is willing to do something useful. Your lack of responsibility and greediness with your properties has been holding our town up long enough and preventing good families and new business from coming.

Former president JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” well Martins Ferry, I ask you, not what Martins Ferry can do for you, but what can you do for Martins Ferry?

We need to take back our town!!

Kay Kendal

Martins Ferry