Dear Editor,

“You won’t believe what I heard today.”

“I don’t believe anything anymore, so there might as well be one more issue not to believe.

“Well you do believe some things; I do know that. For instance, the blitz is real, the low countries are conquered, France surrendered, and England is next in line to be attacked.”

“When you put it that way, I do believe some things; I do believe that the cliffs of Dover are white.

“Whether belief or doubt, consider that Churchill announced that the will no longer use the term. Nazi, when talking about or discussing the enemy.”

“Say, again!”

“Churchill announced that he will no longer use the term , “Nazi, when discussing the enemy. More he issued an order to scrub the word, Nazi, from all of the military training manuals.”

“I don’t believe it: we are at war with the Nazis; they are trying to kill us.”

“The word, Nazi, is no longer used by the government.”

“That can’t be; say it can’t be so Winston.”


Ray Dague

St. Clairsville