Zombie Vote

Dear Editor,

As a member of council for the Village of Bellaire, I would like to explain to the citizens of Bellaire exactly what occurred regarding this issue.

At a recent meeting of council, a proposal was presented to by a local businessman that a program by the name of Zombiefest ,who asked for the use of our City Park to present such a presentation, complete with childrens games, food and music next year. On the surface, the plan sounded like a good proposal and council gave permission, pending insurance verifcation, well, Council WAS DUPED.

On August 1, several well informed and knowledgeable citizens appeared before council and presented facts, pictures, and other items, including R rated movies, which apparently is included in the games, food and music. These citizens did their homework, and Council thanked them.

After hearing these facts and comments, council, without delay, called for a vote to repeal the previous motion which was passed by all members.

James B. Piatt

Bellaire Councilman