American Dream

Dear Editor,

The elite have been waging and winning a war against workers for decades. Not just union workers, let’s be clear. Although unions are often the most visible scapegoat.

Unions goals of worker safety, a living wage, job security, and pensions, are a focus of resentment by the employer class.

For over 30 years, because of corporate lobbying, instead of raising taxes on the rich and reducing them for the poor, our federal and state governments have done the opposite.

They have shredded safety nets, allowed companies to bust unions and threaten or fire workers who try to organize. They have given corporations incentives and tax breaks to move our factories overseas, where poor workers even children are treated less than human.

The elite seem to think workers should not earn a living wage or be able to visit a doctor when we are sick or spend our retirement receiving a decent pension. Everyone deserves these basic necessities of life. And there’s no good reason our economy can’t provide them.

Our economy has never produced as much wealth as it does today! We feel poor because all of the wealth is going to the top!

CEO pay has skyrocketed from 42 times the average blue collar workers pay in 1980 to 343 times in 2010. For instance the average CEO pay in Ohio is $5,763,720. The average worker’s pay in Ohio for 2012 was $39,046.

The war on workers is MASSIVE, stretching from education, food stamps, school lunches, and even child labor law. Elitists want to gut Social Security and Medicare. Why? Because they’re rich and see all of these things as obstacles to them obtaining maximum profit.

The fate of the working class depends on us coming together to educate our children, invest in our infrastructure and reverse the economic inequality that threatens the future of the American Dream!


Ben Lofton