Dear Editor,

I am most concerned and saddened to read of the rash of animal abuse which is occurring across this nation, animals that are being savagely beaten, medievally tortured and even mutilated by owners and strangers alike. In our own area, numerous dogs have come up missing, some found killed and mutilated and others are still missing, their sad fates unknown. How many cats have met similar fates? These are seldom reported because of the habit of the feline for wandering.

How many people turn a blind eye to such occurrences? How many are guilty of shooting a companion pet because it has innocently wandered onto their property or beaten a dog for disobeying a command or committing an unwanted act? Would such behavior be condoned or overlooked if an adult or a child was the victim? Of course not! So why is it done with an animal?

“It’s only an animal.” “Humane Societies are ruining this country”. These are statements I have heard on several occasions. NO. Humane Societies exist because too many people cannot be responsible pet owners. They do not have enough compassion to assure that the animals in their care have sufficient food, water, shelter and veterinary care. Humane Societies exist to encourage proper behavior and sometimes people will only comply if there are laws spelling out what is necessary.

“Only an Animal”: Well, you are “only” a human. Both creatures breathe, eat, need shelter, feel and have compassion. I dare say most animals have compassion that far outweighs a human’s. They are the ultimate givers of unconditional love. When was the last time a dog willing deprived another of life’s basics?

We as a society must stop the torture and inhumane deaths of all animals! It is proven that animal abuse is often the first step in abuse towards people, be it child, elderly or adult. Even more important is this, it’s WRONG! It is disturbing, it is sickening! Would you want a “superior being” to treat you so? Do the people that inflict such pain and suffering not realize that these animals feel? They do! They hurt; they get hungry, cold, and thirsty, just like you.

I have said on numerous occasions that we as individuals can change the world. We can do it by changing just one life, one world at a time. Open your eyes! Does the dog have enough straw in his box? Does your neighbor’s dog, or the one down the street? Is there fresh, clean water? How about food? Does that person seem abusive? How do animals respond around them? Are their actions appropriate? You don’t have to be an animal lover to do the right thing. If you are hesitant to speak directly to the abuser then contact the authorities or Human Society, but do not be silent and do nothing. If you do nothing and allow an animal to suffer, then you too share in the guilt. Demand justice for all creatures, human or animal. Fear not! Good deeds will be rewarded, just as those who commit atrocities will be punished, in this life or the next.


Shannon L Hull-Corsi