DAR celebration

Dear Editor,

The anniversary of our Constitution was observed Sept. 17-23. This is one of our country’s least know observances. In behalf of my D.A.R. Chapter, I’m writing to encourage community members to reflect on how important this document has been to their lives.

It took approximately 100 days for our founding fathers such as George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin, among others, to frame the Constitution. The convention was held in Philadelphia from May 25 to Sept. 17, 1787. Imagine doing this in the summertime with no air conditioning! The Constitution is one of the most greatest documents ever written. It is said that “its principles have established the most democratic form of government on the face of the earth.”

As we know, many countries in the world are in chaos today so it is important to take a moment to be terribly grateful and to commemorate this important event.

Kay Singer, Constitution Chairperson

Moravian Trail Chapter D.A.R.